Hello Christopher...I apologize for not taking the time to write to you before now. I wanted to express to you how very happy I am with the several pieces of jewelry which you worked on for me a couple of months ago. I have gotten nothing but compliments on everything--especially the blue diamond pendant which you reset beautifully!

Your family has a phenomenal business, Christopher! It's a unique place with a small town feeling of friendliness mixed with high quality merchandise and great talent under one roof. I can't say enough wonderful things about Moriarty's Gem Art! I especially love the time that I spent with Steve (a couple of different times) showing a variety of stones to me which he so carefully collected and cut and the stories which go along with each of the buying trips. I also love the way Moriarty's is a family owned and run business. It doesn't get any better than that!

Again, I want to thank you for the awesome work which you did on my earrings and conversion of the sickly looking blue diamond pendant to a work of art. In addition, Alice was wonderful with her helpful ideas and genuine friendliness. Please convey my thanks to her--since I do not have an email address for her.

My wish for all of you at Moriarty's is a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Denise "DD" Landry,

My fiancé and I stumbled upon this hidden gem while antique shopping around the square and we are soo glad we decided to stop in and check it out! They have a pretty decent selection of beautiful loose gems and jewelry ready to be sold! And they have custom gem cutting on site! The staff here is phenomenal Steve (I think that's his name) travels all around for all of the beautiful gems you see there and has some awesome pictures of his journey! Alice, where to begin with Alice? They are very lucky to have her on their team! She was just soo nice! We went in told her we aren't looking for anything just saw this place while shopping around n decided to stop in...even knowing we weren't going to buy anything that day she spent like an hour just talking to us, showing us all the awesome stuff they have there, listening to us go on and on about our relationship and wedding plans and she never made us feel like we were wasting her time. I highly recommend going to check this place out even if you're not looking to buy anything. This place is uber awesome!

Lorraine B.,

This place is WAY better than any other jewelry place I've ever been to.

Yes, the selection isn't as big as say... Albert's or Kay but, the stuff they carry is amazing! They can custom make or order anything from their catalogs for you to see (no charge and usually within a couple days).

I purchased an engagement ring and both our wedding bands here.
The staff is amazing! Customer satisfaction is definitely their top priority. They take the time to show you all kinds of settings and stones as well as helping you narrow your selection and guide you as you browse the seemingly endless array of semiprecious and precious gems they carry.

They have Raw stones, uncut and still in the media it was found in. One of the neatest things we saw there was the raw Tanzanite. Second on the list was the dinosaur bone ring and third was the fossilized trilobite on display.

We absolutely LOVE this place, the staff, selection and 'oh cool!' factor of what they have all add up to a solid 5 for both of us.

Christian K.,

I bought a great pair of Blue Zircon earrings from Moriarty's Gem Art back in June for my girlfriend. She had never even heard of Blue Zircon. I was going to get Topaz, but Steve showed me the Zircon and I loved them. We go back every couple weeks to get them cleaned...for free 🙂

If you read this Steve, I will be back for an engagement ring soon! The one you showed me!

John Brooks,