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Steve in Tanzania 2014



We are a jewelry store that takes pride in our custom gem cutting that is done on site, our award winning custom jewelry designer  “Christopher Michael”, our in-store manufacturing of jewelry, and world travels we take to find our rare gems. We also have an excellent selection of diamond engagement rings, expert jewelry repair on-site, as well as the ability to change watch batteries and bands. Located in Northwest Indiana, we're a one stop shop for all your jewelry needs.

Our goal as a jeweler is to provide unique custom fine jewelry, often one of a kind styles, created from precision cut colored gems and ideal cut diamonds.

Steve travels to the sources of rare gems including, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia. We have deleted the middle men from the supply chain in order to give you the highest quality gems and precious metals available at the lowest possible price. We are the gem cutters, jewelry designer under the name “Christopher Michael” and manufacturer of most of the jewelry you will see at our store. We use the latest technologies including “Matrix Gemvision” (computer aided design software), state of the art “Revo” milling machine (used to produce our jewelry models), and we also use precision gem cutting equipment “Facette and Imperial” faceting machines, to produce the fine jewelry you will see in our store.

We have been wholesale gem dealers since 1975 dealing in rare gems.  We take great pride in the quality of our cutting which is done in our shop here in Crown Point, Indiana. Using only the finest colors, with the highest clarity available, all gems are cut to ideal angles and polished to a mirror like finish to give the greatest possible brilliance. Our award winning designer Christopher Michael will custom design a fine piece of jewelry using our gems to suit your desires.

Our staff is here to provide accurate gem and jewelry information by phone or email, fast production and delivery on all of our custom jewelry, and we will provide all of the service you may need on your purchases now and in the future. If you want a unique or custom made piece of high quality jewelry, Moriarty’s Gem Art is the place to shop. We’re your gem among jewelers!

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  1. Joe Rogowski
    I have some quartz with stuff embedded from Antarctica. I was going to cut it up and I wonder if you would be interested in giving me a hand finding the best way to slice it.

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