All repairs are done in-house by experienced bench jewelers Larry Moriarty, Michael Moriarty and Margaret Corley.


Repair Services Offered:

Jewelry Refurbishing

  • Cleaning (Gets stones and metal clean of dirt, oils, and debris)
  • Polishing (Shines metal and removes scratches and wear)

Rhodium Plating

Clasp Replacement

Diamond and Stone Setting/Replacement

Ring Sizing

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

Prong Repair

  • Re-Tipping (Done when the top of a prong is very thin or broken off)
  • Re-Pronging (Done when a prong is totally broken off)

Ring Re-Shank

  • Half Shank (Replaces lower half of ring shank when it is very thin)
  • Quarter Shank (Replaces a quarter of ring shank when it is very thin)


  • Cracked Shanks
  • Broken Chains
  • Broken Earring Posts

Soldering Rings Together

  • Engagement Rings (Keeps rings uniform and from turning out of position)

Add Sizing Beads

  • Done when the ring does not fit snug around finger after it makes it over the knuckle

Pearl Re-Stringing

  • Knotted (Keep pearls in place, and is a safety in case strand breaks)
  • Un-Knotted

Bracelet Repair

  • Pin and Tube Replacement

Watch Battery Replacement

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